Chris Hoy

Managing Director

Hi, I’m Chris, CMR’s Managing Director. With my wonderful wife Kim, I started the company back in May 1990. 

While Kim handles the all-important finances, as Finance Director, what I bring to the table (if I may be so bold) is a flair for leadership and sales.  Over the years, my greatest satisfaction has come from working with companies and people from such a broad spectrum of trade sectors and, through the great team of people here, helping those companies to thrive.

That doesn’t mean it’s been smooth sailing all the way.  Upping sticks and moving the whole business from Harrow to Croydon was pretty stressful.  And keeping up with our customers’ demands has meant that we’ve always had to be at our best when it comes to customer care.  
CMR is of course a real part of our family, as are our two lovely daughters Gabrielle and Bernadette.  It’s been a joy watching them grow up and prosper: Gabrielle working at Atradius for a spell on the way to achieving her degree and Bernadette leaving to go to Australia for a year. 

Anyone who knows me will have noticed the focus I’ve put on my own fitness over recent years - and with a name like mine what else could be important to me but, of course, cycling! 
I can’t imagine life without CMR, but if I had to choose another job – let’s not beat about the bush – I’d like to be Prime Minister.  Yes. Really. 
“There is of course never any point in crying over spilt milk – the key is to learn from failures and then to keep going” - Sir Ranulph Fiennes