James Earley

Sales Account Manager

Hi I’m James, Sales Account Manager. I joined CMR in 1991 and worked here for over 5 years when I left to take up a role at Atradius, our underwriters. I later worked for credit insurance brokers in the City and then rejoined CMR in 2011, so you could say that I’ve done the rounds!

I really enjoy my role at CMR. My time is split between being based in the office and out visiting clients and prospects. I’ve always felt passionate about providing excellent customer service and so does CMR. I’ve seen all kinds of businesses over the years and like getting to know them and building relationships. We still have customers today who I was dealing with here back in ’91.

Even so, new challenges come along all the time as the way we do business is always changing. Understanding the intricacies of a new type of social media business gave me a few headaches recently!

In my spare time I enjoy going to see Harlequins play rugby, I’m a keen photographer – I was volunteered to take the staff photos you see here – I like going to see new live bands, travelling when I can, and classic cars.

Much as I love my job at CMR, I’ve often dreamt of being a Formula 1 driver, but having taken my car on a track day at Brands Hatch recently I’m not so sure! I’ll go for my second choice of being the new Alan Whicker.

My attitude to life is best summed up by this very wise quote; “Do or do not. There is no try” - Yoda.