Neal Matley

Sales Director

Hi, I’m Neal. Sales Director and CMR stalwart since December 1995.  

My background is in credit management, and sales management – previously with D&B.  So you could say that over the years I’ve built up all-round industry knowledge.

What I like most about working at CMR is our flexibility – always going the extra mile for our clients.  Everyone who works here manages to combine professionalism with friendliness, and that’s a rare commodity nowadays.
I can honestly say that there’s never been a dull moment here, and I’ve been to some – shall we say ‘interesting’ - client meetings over the years but the outcome is generally amicable!

I’ve got many outside interests.  I share a love of travel and rock music with my lovely wife Carol and, when left to my own devices, my passions are golf, football and my collection of guitars. In fact, if I weren’t working for CMR I’d be hard pressed to pick my perfect job – it’s a tough choice between being lead guitarist in a famous band, midfield general for Leicester City or a PGA golfer.  OK, we can all dream, can’t we?
My philosophy of life can be summed up with this quote from Mahatma Gandhi: “Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever”