Atradius UK Economy - update

Credit Insurer Atradius recently gave a presentation on the UK economy.

Key points covered were;

- economic highlights of 2012
- how differing trade sectors are faring in the challenging economic climate
- reviewing key insolvencies; taking a look at private equity
- outlook for the Christmas trading period and beyond into 2013

Please contact us if you would like a copy of the presentation.

Atradius Global Economic Outlook

Credit Insurer Atradius have published their latest worldwide Economic Outlook.

The global economy is facing two major potential risks: an escalation of the crisis in the Eurozone and a further slowdown in the growth of emerging markets. That's the conclusion of Atradius' latest Economic Outlook - November 2012

Please contact us if you would like a copy of the full report.

Zombies - do they scare you?

The Bank of England has said that the UK economy won't recover to pre-recession levels until 2015.

The UK is being hurt by so called zombie companies. These are struggling companies who are only managing to pay interest on their debt. Zombie companies will also suffer further as and when interest rates increase, and many will no doubt fail. 

So, if you're not afraid of the zombies you may be trading with, you should be! 

More on zombie companies here:

Credit Insurance & the domino effect of bad debts

Samuel Cooke & Co., a fuel distribution company, went into administration earlier this year, after they suffered a large bad debt, leaving a trail of debtors behind them.

The well established fuel distributor was trading profitably when they were hit with a loss of £2.7million which ultimately caused the company to fail.

Atradius was providing trade credit insurance cover to a number of suppliers to Samuel Cooke & Co. and paid claims to policyholders equating to more than £3 million.