We’re out! – Credit Insurance can help take the uncertainty out of Brexit!

With news that the UK has decided we should leave the EU and David Cameron announcing his resignation, the country is full of uncertainty. The pound has hit its lowest point since 1985, a lot of banks’ share prices have taken a hit and all in all a lot of people and companies might not know what the future holds.

Stitched up…if you didn’t have credit insurance

Austin Reed’s administration has gone under the radar as it happened around the same time as BHS’s downfall. They were established 100 years ago and have grown to 120 stores employing 1000 staff.  Austin Reed had a flagship store on London's Regent Street and went on to supply clothing to famous individuals such as Winston Churchill. A sizable player in the fashion world is looking like they will be no more.

Trade Credit Insurance: Giving you confidence to enter new markets

At CMR, we understand that growth and profitability are the most important factors when running a business as we ourselves have been running a successful company for 25 years and counting, specialising in credit insurance. We also understand that you need to take risks and adapt to the constantly changing markets to keep growing and stay profitable.

Cash flow issues can be triggered by many causes…but Credit Insurance could save the day

Volkswagen’s first quarter profits fell following the emissions scandal, a scandal that very few, if any, anticipated.  According to the BBC, their profits have dropped by 20% in the first quarter showing this malpractice has affected them. As Volkswagen’s turnover is so large, they should be able to absorb this drop in profits but it does show that the unexpected can have an adverse effect on any company’s profitability, which in turn could affect their cash flow.