Credit Insurance FAQs

Many of the enquiries we receive are purely finding out what credit insurance is and how it is useful. It’s a fact-finding call! We thought it was about time we put a list of frequently asked questions together to get you up to scratch!

Is your credit insurance policy just another overhead?

There are many costs that coincide with running a business. These costs can either help increase your profit or quite simply reduce them. Insurance policies have always been put in the latter category and quite rightly so.

Chic Paints Ltd – The credit insurance answer

We quite often get enquiries from Chic Paints Ltd, who require cover for up to £100 million sales. Sounds fantastic, right? Sadly for us, this isn’t a big piece of business, it’s for an accountancy qualification question and therefore students are looking for a rough idea of price. The question focuses on the company that forced a management buyout to enter into a niche market of more specialist paints, which have a greater gross margin.

10 reasons you should invest in credit insurance

Funnily enough, CMR believes credit insurance is a fundamental need for businesses. Not because it keeps our business going but for many other reasons that we are now going to detail below, in what we are calling “The 10 ‘its’ of credit insurance”: