Playing your Trump card with Credit Insurance

Since Donald Trump has confounded the doubters and clinched the Republican Party nomination and now running neck and neck with Hillary Clinton to become the President of USA, it has got us at CMR wondering how this could affect trade with the US if this were to happen. Could the wall building stop at Mexico or could he build a wall right through the Atlantic Ocean! Probably not, but either way his opinionated stance on many issues such as immigration could involve some costly “solutions”…where will this money come from?

Trade Credit Insurance: Keep up with the big boys!

Most large companies have credit insurance to protect themselves against bad debt, whether its administrations or cash flow issues for their suppliers. When trying to grow your company why not copy the way large companies do it…they must be doing something right…surely?

Credit Insurance cover available in “fantastically corrupt” countries…

Following on from David Cameron’s sweeping statement about the “fantastically corrupt” countries of Nigeria and Afghanistan, CMR is pleased to announce that only this week we have managed to secure credit insurance cover on a Nigerian company for one of our clients. It would appear credit insurance companies obviously do not agree with this generalised statement as they are willing to cover Nigerian businesses on open account terms.

Credit [Insurance] has to go to Leicester City FC

A truly incredible feat has been achieved by Leicester City FC and their fans, including our Sales Director, Neal Matley, are quite rightly ecstatic with all their efforts coming to fruition and the premier league title being won.