Credit Insurers don’t always get it right!

Credit insurers pay out millions of pounds in claims on companies that they believed were solid risks but weren’t…everyone makes mistakes – even the experts!

Credit Insurance gives you the POWA to go from 0 to 90…

Further to our blog about POWA Technologies, we have learnt what Deloitte, the appointed administrators were able to extract from the company for the unsecured creditors…nothing! Following the administrator’s report POWA only had £277k in their bank meaning the likelihood of being able to pay their unsecured creditors a dividend would be extremely low after paying staff, rent, overheads and the administrator.

Credit Insurance: The bigger they are the harder they fall

Many companies feel they do not need credit insurance for so called big companies, but why is this? Do they feel they are too big to fail? There are many examples where this is not the case and credit insurers have paid huge claims out on large companies.

Trade Credit Insurance takes the uncertainty out of Brexit

The Bank of England's Financial Policy Committee says that the outlook for financial stability has deteriorated since November. The committee said "the most significant" domestic risks to financial stability were connected to the referendum on EU membership. It referred to risks of a period of "heightened and prolonged uncertainty".