Credit Insurance: Fraud spotting tips!

There are many cases of fraud that can catch companies out, but we are going to concentrate on one on this occasion and that is short firm fraud. Short firm fraud is the most common type of fraud and is where a company is set up with the sole intention of defrauding suppliers in a short space of time.

Top Credit Insurance Credit Control Tips!

Effective credit control is one of the most important parts of running a successful company and surely every company wants to be successful! Without the cash coming in when you need it to come in, your company’s cash flow can severely be affected resulting in much bigger problems. So, CMR Insurance Services Limited would like to share their knowledge from their 25 years’ experience of both the debt recovery and credit insurance industries.

A Scary Case of Fraud

James Earley, one of our sales account managers heard of an awful case of fraud that he published on LinkedIn a few months back. See below what he found out:

“I heard about a scary case of fraud the other day when I visited a client.

The client had received an enquiry from a new export customer and offered to provide goods but only on a pro forma basis. The customer agreed and my client sent them the invoice.

Bad Debt Protection: The return of Austin Reed

We previously wrote about Austin Reed calling the administrators in around the same time BHS went into liquidation, which would have resulted in many of their creditors suffering bad debts. However, Austin Reed is set to return to the high streets following Edinburgh Woollen Mill Group purchasing the brand from the administrators back in May. They relaunched the brand online introducing the autumn/winter collection.