Over 150 years of credit insurance experience…

Albert Einstein once said; “The only source of knowledge is experience”. This is more than likely the reason you run your company; because you have the experience and know how to do so. We believe experience allows SMEs to grow and adapt to the changing business world, and being an SME ourselves means we understand the needs of your company.

Are you a risky Entrepreneur?

Being an entrepreneur, you know that you have to take risks to get a company rolling. Whether that’s quitting your job that pays you every month, deciding to move to a bigger office or whether you should extend credit terms to a customer. The many decisions you have to make can be difficult but as it’s your company that you have nurtured, you know you have to make them.

Why you need credit insurance

Let’s start with a basic definition. Credit insurance is an insurance taken out by businesses to protect against bad debt. Now that’s out of the way and you know exactly what it is, we can get onto how it can help your company grow. The necessity for credit insurance is far greater than many business owners realise. The fact that it protects generally your largest asset, your debtors, is just the start of the benefits you gain from a credit insurance policy.