Trade Credit Insurance: Giving you confidence to enter new markets

At CMR, we understand that growth and profitability are the most important factors when running a business as we ourselves have been running a successful company for 25 years and counting, specialising in credit insurance. We also understand that you need to take risks and adapt to the constantly changing markets to keep growing and stay profitable.

Cash flow issues can be triggered by many causes…but Credit Insurance could save the day

Volkswagen’s first quarter profits fell following the emissions scandal, a scandal that very few, if any, anticipated.  According to the BBC, their profits have dropped by 20% in the first quarter showing this malpractice has affected them. As Volkswagen’s turnover is so large, they should be able to absorb this drop in profits but it does show that the unexpected can have an adverse effect on any company’s profitability, which in turn could affect their cash flow.

Playing your Trump card with Credit Insurance

Since Donald Trump has confounded the doubters and clinched the Republican Party nomination and now running neck and neck with Hillary Clinton to become the President of USA, it has got us at CMR wondering how this could affect trade with the US if this were to happen. Could the wall building stop at Mexico or could he build a wall right through the Atlantic Ocean! Probably not, but either way his opinionated stance on many issues such as immigration could involve some costly “solutions”…where will this money come from?

Trade Credit Insurance: Keep up with the big boys!

Most large companies have credit insurance to protect themselves against bad debt, whether its administrations or cash flow issues for their suppliers. When trying to grow your company why not copy the way large companies do it…they must be doing something right…surely?