Have confidence in your credit limits

Being able to trade with confidence is vital to your business, so we always process Credit Limit applications as soon as we receive them. You may submit Credit Limit applications by email or through this website's secure area.

To help keep the application process as smooth as possible, please remember:

  • The credit limit applied for should always cover the maximum exposure (account balance) at any one time.
  • If you only need short-term exposure, please specify the risk period along with the credit terms.
  • If payment is expected from a separate business entity, or from another country, please make this clear.
  • For UK contracts please provide the precise trading name / title of the company and its 8-digit company registration number (CRO).
  • If you intend to trade with a customer that is neither a registered nor a limited company, please provide the fullest possible information.
  • For export customers credit facilities the precise trading name / title is again required, along with the business address and any relevant national registration or VAT numbers.