Nigel Simkins

BIBA Relationship Manager

Hi, I’m Nigel and I’ve been with CMR since September 2018. I have over 40 years of experience dealing with many varied types of businesses. It is my depth of experience in business that has led me to the credit insurance industry as it is fundamental for businesses to consider.

Most of my career has been in the business finance arena. During this time, I crossed paths with CMR and I was struck by the pro-active way the company does business. I made a mental note that if ever the opportunity came about to work with them in the future I would…that’s why I am here now!

I’m now a BIBA Broker Relationship Manager covering the South of England, supporting all the BIBA members who are looking to introduce their clients to trade credit insurance. This is my ideal kind of job as I enjoy networking.

I am a keen sports enthusiast as I enjoy watching most sports but football, rugby and motorsports are my favourites. I have been to the Le Mans 24 hour car endurance race in France for the past 12 years. I try to play golf (badly) two or three times a year and enjoy gardening if I have any (left-over) spare time

"The true measure of a man is how he treats someone who can do him absolutely no good." - Samuel Johnson (1709-1784)