About credit insurance

Bad debt. It's an unpleasant fact of business life - but you can protect against it with credit insurance from CMR. Our cover can pay out up to 90% of commercial losses and 95% of political losses in the event of non-payment.

Credit insurance works together with the safeguards of your own credit control system to mitigate risk and keep you trading profitably at all times. Credit insurance gives you:

  • Greater peace of mind as bad debts no longer have the potential to seriously de-stabilise your business
  • The confidence to grow - as you can securely take on both new customers and new markets
  • Greater control over your cash-flow - with the value of your accounts receivable protected by credit insurance in the UK.

Worldwide debt collection

We are experts in recovering debts from late payers in all parts of the world. Our practical approach to handling UK credit insurance leaves you free to concentrate on business while we chase your overdue debtors. Since this service is entirely commission-based, you pay nothing until we achieve results. Collection fees on insured debts are 100% recoverable under the policy.