What's the risk?

As you build your business, your customer base expands but with new customers - both in the UK and overseas - comes added risk.

For most companies, debtors represent about 40% of their business assets and typically, 20% of a company's customers account for 80% of their sales. A serious bad debt from a key customer could leave your business financially crippled, or even unable to continue trading. This is why businesses must have bad debt insurance. 

Despite the risk of not having bad debt protection (especially in times of economic downturn) only some 20% of UK companies carry effective credit risk insurance yet the likelihood and the consequences of bad debt are as damaging as more routinely insured yet relatively rare risks such as fire.

Bad debt protection - The confidence to grow

Prudent companies protect themselves against the risk of bad debt through credit insurance. Our bad debt insurance policies pay out up to 90% of commercial losses if debtors are unable to make payment. They can also pay out up to 95% of losses if political events make payment impossible to collect.

Credit risk insurance - Partnering with you

What's the risk?

We maintain active credit ratings on many UK and overseas companies. We put this financial information at your disposal for more informed decision-making when it comes to bad debt insurance in the UK. Working in partnership with your credit control department, we help you assess risks and protect your business against them.