Credit Insurance: Fraud spotting tips part 2!

Buyer impersonations are becoming more common! As the name suggests, this type of fraud is where a fraudster impersonates an established creditworthy company by placing orders in their name but then requesting it’s delivered to a rogue trading address or they offer to pick up the goods themselves. The supplier would, as normal invoice the legitimate company only to be informed that they didn’t order the goods.

Credit Insurance: The Business Rates Risk

Many business owners in England will now be aware of the business rates increasing and how this increased cost will mean that they will have to increase their revenues to cover the additional overhead.  An obvious thing to say but it’s true, if your costs go up, your prices will have to go up too. The shadow business secretary, Rebecca Long-Bailey, has announced that small businesses should be offered more emergency help.

Credit Insurance: UK Companies in Numbers

We recently received Creditsafe’s “2016 A Year in Review” analysis and we found all the information very interesting. We therefore thought it would be useful to pass on some of their findings.

Credit Insurance: Fraud spotting tips!

There are many cases of fraud that can catch companies out, but we are going to concentrate on one on this occasion and that is short firm fraud. Short firm fraud is the most common type of fraud and is where a company is set up with the sole intention of defrauding suppliers in a short space of time.